Greg Walker, engineer @ 18F

A Kansas City software nerd

Hi. I’m Greg, and I’m a software nerd. I’ve been working professionally in software development since around 2004, though as a hobby it goes back to sometime in the mid 1990s when I started tinkering with BASIC on my grandparents’ IBM PS/2. It was fun learning all the cool things I could make the computer do, like draw boxes and play sounds.

Since then, I’ve mostly been in the federal civil service, working at a US Army Corps of Engineers research lab (it’s more mundane than it sounds) and now at 18F in the General Services Administration. I did a brief tour in private industry and realized that I very much preferred working for some public good over making someone else rich.

My work has given me the chance to work in a variety of fields, including disaster response, force protection, enterprise data management, child welfare, and Medicaid. All these different fields with different needs at different times have also given me the opportunity to work with a lot of programming languages: C++, .NET, and Javascript have been my primaries, but I’ve also needed to play in Python, Ruby, Java, and Objective-C along the way.

The thing that has surprised me in the last couple of years is learning just how much I enjoy teaching people who aren’t software experts about what we do. It isn’t magic, and demystifying it helps everyone else make better decisions about what software to buy or how to build the systems they need. Plus, frankly, welcoming more people into this world is just plain fun.

What’s this site for, though? I don’t know. I wanted the domain, honestly, and now that I have it, I figured I should put something here. Using it as a place to store off the blog posts I’ve written at 18F, and maybe the slides for some of the talks I’ve prepared, seemed like a good idea. Then I thought I could put my resume here too. So, that’s what I’ve done. And that’s what this is.