A Kansas City software nerd

I'm a (mostly career) civil servant doing software work for the federal government.

At some point, I've done C++, Java, C#, Objective-C, Javascript, Python, and even a smattering of Ruby.

My work has included disaster response, enterprise data, security systems, force protection, child welfare, and Medicaid IT systems.

I like explaining software and dev topics to people who aren't devs, helping demystify my world.

This is just a blog I do.

  • Information assurance

    My wonderful colleague Steven Reilly (who might be a robot) started a series of “tech times” for the 18F Acquisitions team (officially TTS Office of Acquisition, I think, but whatever). The goal was to explain software and dev stuff to our non-dev teammates, like PMs, contracting officers, and so on. It was a cool series and I wanted to get in on the fun.

  • What is static source analysis?

    In software development, we use a variety of techniques to help us understand the software we’ve written, whether it works as expected, and whether it will be easy to maintain over time. One of the techniques we use is called static source analysis, and it can tell us a lot about the maintenance requirements of our code.

  • What is an API?

    If you spend much time around software people, you’ll inevitably hear the term “API.” But what is an API, and why does it seem like they’re used for everything?