My wonderful colleague Steven Reilly (who might be a robot) started a series of “tech times” for the 18F Acquisitions team (officially TTS Office of Acquisition, I think, but whatever). The goal was to explain software and dev stuff to our non-dev teammates, like PMs, contracting officers, and so on. It was a cool series and I wanted to get in on the fun.

So I dove into my trunk to see if there were any subjects I might have a little deeper background on and could do my own “tech time” for the team. I landed on information assurance. It’s a subject I really enjoy, though admittedly I’m not super deep on it, nor am I a practitioner (beyond what any developer ought to be). Anyway, I put together a presentation to give to my coworkers, and I thought it’d be cool to share here, too.

👉 👉 👉 So here it is!

The presentation is hosted on Federalist, a government Jekyll platform. It’s built with remark, and the source code is on Github.